2016 Ford Bronco

The new 2016 Ford Bronco is coming to the market soon??? There are ocean of information for new Ford Bronco, so we tried to find the true and real answers to this question. So here there are…



The 2016 Ford Bronco is just a rumor according to Ford. We have some inside information that models is going to be released soon but, he wont look like these pictures. Bronco Concept was presented in 2004 on auto show. But it was just a concept, and Ford is still truing to put best engine, and give him the best performance.


The 2016 Ford Bronco according to internet rumors will have 5-liter EcoBoost, 4.5-liter diesel, and 5.0-liter internal-combustion engine. And we ask our inside man about the engine, and he sad that he is certain that engine will be 5.0 EcoBoost.

2016 Ford Bronco Release Date and Price


The 2016 Ford Bronco Price will be around $100,000. But our source sad that, this rumor is not correct, because that is to expensive. So we ask him for the price and he said more then $50,000 and less than $90,000. He would not present all the information to us.
Release date for these model is maybe 2016, but it will be at the September 2016, or maybe February 2017, because Ford has to make great feature with this model, and they will present him on Auto show.

We note that this is not the official information, and that it is not yet official. We all have to wait Ford to give a official information about these model.

Update: Ford-Uaw contract to bring the Bronco and Ranger to the U.S.

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