2016 Ford Thunderbird Review and Price

The combination of style and reliability, 2016 Ford Thunderbird is certainly a good choice. We found new information about this concept, so we are going to present them to you. Here are price, release date and more.

2016 Ford Thunderbird Release Date

2016 Ford Thunderbird is yet another car which is waiting for its official presentation on the world market. There are some speculations which predict that the official exhibition of 2016 Ford Thunderbird would take place during the second half of 2015. This practically means that the production and sales would begin a couple months after, most probably during the first half of 2016.

2016 Ford Thunderbird side

2016 Ford Thunderbird side

Price of 2016 Ford Thunderbird

We are clueless in terms of prices for specific trims and packages of 2016 Ford Thunderbird. However, it is often said that the basic model of this sedan would be priced at about $30,000. Furthermore, it is also supposed that the most upgraded trim and enhanced model would cost about $50,000.


2016 Ford Thunderbird would most definitely have a very beautiful exterior design. Namely, it is almost certain that this sedan would have aerodynamic lines and smooth edges front the elegantly designed front bumper to the elegantly redesigned back bumper. Furthermore, the manufacturer would nicely incorporate LED headlights and taillights. There are also some speculations regarding the number of doors. Namely, it is believed that the manufacturer would offer two versions, one with four doors and cargo door, and the second with two doors and a cargo opening.


2016 Ford Thunderbird interior

2016 Ford Thunderbird interior

The gorgeously expected exterior design is expected to be matched with the equally great interior design. Namely, there would definitely be two rows of seats with the capacity for totally five passengers. The comfort would be guaranteed by enough leg room and head space. Top quality fabrics and materials are also expected to be used for seats and upholstery. In order to make this car appealing to modern and younger generations, the manufacturer is expected to install some additional features such as audio and climate controls. Furthermore, it is believed that the manufacturer would also incorporate a lot of safety options to make this vehicle reliable and safe. Additionally, there would be a lot of modern technology gadgets such as satellite navigations and USB and Bluetooth connectivity. All these would be there to ease the drive in terms of comfort and safety. One more thing, it is believed that the manufacturer would also include a display screen.

Engine and Transmission

The engine of 2016 Ford Thunderbird is still a mystery since we have no reliable information regarding engine specifications. However, there have been certain claims which predict that the manufacturer would most probably use a 4.0 liter engine for this sedan. It is also supposed that this engine would be able to produce as much as 252 horsepower and to use as much as 267 lb-ft of torque. We should also mention that the transmission of this sedan is also a mystery; however, it is believed that the manufacturer would pair this engine with the automatic transmission which would have five speeds. More precisely, the manufacturer would use Ford’s 5R55N gearbox.
We can only conclude that this car is definitely worth reconsidering.

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