2016 Ford Taurus Release Date and Price

The first 2016 Ford Taurus car is scheduled to hit the market in late 2015. The first sale of this model is expected to focus on the American and Japanese markets. This car is built on an extended fusion platform and has a full weight, which reduces its fuel consumption and makes it more economical. It has an extended rear wheelbase and the entire body is made of steel something which makes it stronger and durable.

This elegant models front is beautifully decorated with grilles and horizontal car fins. Its front bumpers are bigger compared to previous models and it also has a sloppy front. This car has rectangular shaped with bottom tail pipes on both ends.

2016 Ford Taurus review


2014 Ford Taurus

The steering wheel of this car is a command-able three piece steering. The luxurious cabin has been made brighter compared to the previous models. The cabin has been designed with several compartments which can be used to carry and different items. The car has a touch screen display system, digital camera, audio system and air conditioning system. These features give the car the luxury standards it deserves.

2016 Ford Taurus back

Fuel Consumption

The new Taurus is economical when it comes to fuel consumption and has a 2.3liter tank with an automatic transmission system which enhances its effectiveness.

2016 Ford Taurus Price

The actual price of this model is yet to be established, but basing on its features it is being projected that it might retail at $ 39,000. The price of this car is expected to be greatly determined by the features of the model.


2016 Ford Taurus has a powerful engine and large size which makes the model lighter, effective and efficient. The car weighs 4,000 pounds, which increases its acceleration rate. It has a 365-horse eco-boost power V6 engine.

2016 Ford Taurus


To improve on 2016 Ford Taurus gas efficiency this model has a 9-speed transmission which also gives it a smoother ride. The major improvements and changes that have been carried out on this model are aimed at reducing the overall weight of the car and improving its overall performance. With reduced weight the car is expected to be more efficient and economical.

Compared to the previous ford models, this model has more security features and is more sporty and luxurious. In terms of performance on the road this model is superior and has a better and higher performance rate.

The good thing about the battery of this car is that it lasts for a longer time and performs much better than the previous model batteries.

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