2016 Ford Mondeo Review and Price

2016 Ford Mondeo is the new model of the most famous Ford’s mid-size sedan. Last new model of this car was released in 2012, and since European model year innovations are not the same as the American ones we needed to wait for more then 3 years to see the new model. New generation model adopted Ford Focus CD1 platform and it is finally adapted to European roads, since this model is already sold in the United States under the Ford Fusion brand.

New model comes with recognizable Ford styling which looks almost exactly like its Fusion cousin that’s sold in the US. It is a real family cruiser and it is little bit longer than Jaguar XF. New Mondeo comes with a lot of coupe like styling in the exterior segment and it is much less bulky and more sleek than previous models we’ve seen.Its grille is one of its most recognizable features and it is the same as the one we can see on Ford Fusion, with blue oval above it. Headlights and taillight come with the full LED technology and swept back design.

2016 Ford Mondeo review


2016 Ford Mondeo is one of the best family cars on European market and it comes with an array of upscale materials inside the cabin. This was the prime update for this model and it comes with the luxury we haven’t seen before in this vehicle. It comes with plenty of leg room in both seat row and when in comes to back seat leg room it can even compete with much bigger cars like Mercedes S Class for example. Another good thing that comes with this model is the good soundproof and no engine or wind noises are able to get through it.

2016 Ford Mondeo back


2016 Ford Mondeo comes with 1,6 liter TDCi engine which makes it an ideal highway cruiser and give it superb fuel efficiency. In UK measures this car is able to go 78 mpg and has only 94g per km carbon emission. Diesel engine is not the only one in the array of engine options that come with this car. There is also 1,0 liter EcoBoost that’s able to produce 123 horsepower. Another more powerful option is the same EcoBoost engine with bigger 1,5 litre displacement and 2,0 .liter TDCi engine which is by far the most trustworthy and popular engine that comes with this vehicle. For this model year a Mondeo Hybrid is also another powertrain option for Eco oriented drivers.

2016 Ford Mondeo

2016 Ford Mondeo Price

2016 Ford Mondeo is one of the best family cars in Europe and its price is going to jump for one or two thousand dollars comparing to the 2012 model. We still haven’t heard anything about its release date, but we believe it is going to be promoted on some of the future European car shows and that is going to arrive in the showrooms across the continent sometime before December this year. Last year’s price of this model ranged from $29,800 to $39,000 which is definitely not a lot for such a good family sedan like Mondeo.

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