2016 Ford Focus

The current generation of the Focus has been on the market for no more than three years but because Ford moved to a new design scheme they need to update it in order to make sense in the current lineup. As far as we know, the 2016 Ford Focus is going to have an updated look, slightly uprated engine which aren’t going to be more powerful but more fuel efficient than before, which is probably the most important thing so far. The Focus will also going to receive a new model in the range which we’ll discuss a bit later.

2016 Ford Focus Price

2016 Ford Focus price is likely to remain the same, so expect to pay up to $17,000 for a base model which is incredible value of money, especially with the engine you’re getting. The top of the range model will cost around $40,000 which may seem a bit abrupt but wait until we talk about it. The base model will be released in the middle of 2015 while the top of the range one will get a later release.

2016 Ford Focus rs


The interior of the 2016 Ford Focus won’t be changed all that much mainly because it has already been updated with their latest facelift. This will be very similar to that of the current generation, the only real cosmetic change being the introduction of a new upholstery which is going to be available only with the top of the range model. This will also get a new set of seats as well as a slightly different dashboard with a few more options which will include a satellite navigation system, a Sony audio system, a dual zone automatic climate control system as well as carbon fiber inserts.


2016 Ford Focus review

The 2016 Ford Focus exterior on the other hand will be changed more extensively. It will get the new front end which first debuted on the Fusion with the big upper grille and the more angular headlights. LED daytime running lights will be available depending on the model while fog-lights will only be optional on all of them, with the top of the range one having them removed in the favor of a few more intakes.


Engine wise, the Focus will be available in the US with four different engines. The base car will get a 160 horsepower 2 liter aspirated inline 4 which is quite frugal but lack the power of the more modern turbocharged engines. If you’d like to spend a bit extra you will be able to get the 1 liter 120 horsepower EcoBoost which may seem a bit odd on its pricing, but it actually feels faster than the 2 liter engine thanks to its turbocharger. Its main selling point is the above 40 MPG average which is close to the hybrid territory.


2016 Ford Focus

If you’re looking for a sports car then the Focus might be just the car for you. There will be a 2 liter ST version with 252 horsepower which features improved aerodynamics and it is only available as a four door hatchback. This will get to 60 MPH in less than 6 seconds and up to a maximum top speed of just over 140 miles per hour. The price of it is just $25,000 which is incredibly good.

The new model is going to be the 2016 Ford Focus RS which from what we know so far is going to feature a 2.3 liter turbocharged EcoBoost from the Mustang that will offer even more power at more than 350 horsepower. Ford already said that they are thinking at four wheel drive, limited slip differentials, a dual-clutch gearbox as well as at a price of around $40,000, putting it very close to the Golf R and the new AMG A45, two of the most powerful hatchbacks in the World.

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