2016 Ford Focus Wagon Review and Price

2016 Ford Focus Wagon is the new Ford vehicle with a great potential. There are still not enough information about this vehicle, but its premiere is definitely going to be one of the biggest events when it comes to Ford Company this year. Ford made Focus model one of its most popular world produced cars, and even some American models now come with the Focus platform. Some of the wagons that are going to compete with this model, if it ever comes out are Volvo V60 and Mazda5, although Volvo is shifting its V wagon models into a crossover segment with a release of its Cross Country series.

Design Changes

New model will come with several old Focus features including recognizable hexagonal grille that will come with some extra chrome bars and a Blue Oval in the middle. It will come with new headlights design which are going to be made in full Led technology and are going have very narrow design. Ford decided to make this model more elegant than other similar wagons on the market by painting bumpers in body color. In the back taillights also come with narrow design and full LED technology, and round exhaust tim is made in chrome and is molded into the rear bumper.

2016 Ford Focus Wagon side

Like all other Focus models this wagon will come with C1 doors and 18 inch alloy wheels.
2016 Ford Focus Wagon comes with a very spacious cabin and plenty of cargo room which was the prime goal when this vehicle was introduced. In the front there are plenty of leg and head room and the cabin can fit five passengers. Cargo room is also adapted to carry 5 big suitcases. In higher trim levels, same as the Focus hatchback this model comes with some more premium materials such as leather upholstery, aluminum trim and even some carbon fiber. Higher trim levels also come with 4,2 inch TFT display which is made for MyFord Touch infotainment system and it also comes with SYNC 2 telematics which was released last year and introduced on most of Ford car models.

2016 Ford Focus Wagon review

Engine and Performance

One of the 2016 Ford Focus Wagon engines, this wagon comes with 2,0 liter EcoBoost four cylinder engine that is able to produce 252 horsepower and 270 pound feet of torque. This engine is combined with six speed automatic transmission and front wheel drive. With this engine Ford Focus Wagon can achieve maximum speed of 155 mph, which is very solid comparing to other vehicles from its class. It is also able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in only 5,9 seconds and it comes with relatively solid fuel economy. In city conditions it can reach 23 mpg, while on the highway it can go for 36 mph, which gives it 32 mpg of combined output.

2016 Ford Focus Wagon

2016 Ford Focus Wagon Price and Release Date

Price of 2016 Ford Focus Wagon hasn’t been released yet, but we believe that its price is going to be just a little bit higher than the price of Focus hatchback model. Base version of this car could be bought for only $17,995 last year, which makes it very competitive in its class, and wagon version with just a one or two thousand dollars bigger price is also going to be one of the lest expensive models in its class. When it comes to release date, there are still no official information online, but we believe that this model is going to be promoted in few months and its sales are going to start in the end of the year.

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