2016 Ford Flex Review And Concept

The Ford brand has spent many years focusing on cars that struck at the hearts of segments once dominated mainly by imports: mid-sized sedans and SUVs in general. Such is the case with the new 2016 Ford Flex. This car will be newly redesigned and get a new look. That said, combining both futuristic and retro details, Ford hopes that these design changes will be accepted by the public. The front of the vehicle will be completely changed and it will have sharper angles. The name will be inscribed at the front instead at the back. New fog lights and indicator lamps will be added as well. Bumpers are partially refreshed as well. This model weights from 4439 lbs to 4828 lbs (that’s around 2100 kg).


2016 Ford Flex family car will be based on two petrol engines. It should be based on front-wheel drive or all-four drive. The two engines are combined with automatic transmission that uses a 6-speed gear. Automatic start/stop system is also included in the car. When it comes to the engine alone, users will be able to opt for either a 3.5l V6 with a 287 HP or 3.5l v6 with EcoBoost and 365 HP. The second engine has around 95 lb/ft more torque power, totalling in a torque of 350 lb/ft.

2016 Ford Flex side


The Ford Flex is especially friendly for the green western states as it comes with a three-row full-size box along with a new fuel-efficient Flex. As for the MPG, the EPA rating is 18/25 MPG through base engine and FWD. For the EcoBoost technology, it goes 16/23 MPG. There is a rumor as well that the company will develop a hybrid engine for 2016 Ford Flex.


2016 Ford Flex interior

As for the interior, there are going to be changes, but not exactly cosmetic ones. Rather, there will be lots of new equipment added. For example, the old 4.2-inch satellite navigation system will be upgraded in a favor of a 6.4-inch device with the possibility of upgrading it to 8-inch. The Sony audio system will be installed as a standard audio system. Thanks for the lower floor, the luggage compartment is going to be slightly bigger. The three rows of seats will remain intact, but the most rear row will be facilitated by a better design of the middle row seats.

2016 Ford Flex Price

Price for this model isn’t yet known. Some suggest that it should be on sale at a price of around $35,000. The Flex model has been manufactured from mid-2008. Although partially redesigned, the 2016 model will represent the second generation of Ford Flex generation line.

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