2016 Ford F-750 Release Date and Price

2016 Ford F-750 is one of the most popular medium duty trucks in United States and it usually comes out together with its smaller cousin F650, with not very though competition, since only RAM and Chevy Silverado HD can compete with Ford’s advanced medium duty F Series trucks. Together with the regular model of this truck, F750 redesigned by Tonka also came out this year, and it was premiered on NTEA Work Trucks show.

This truck comes with massive construction and very big ladder frame that holds huge grille in the front that is connected to the bulged hood. It comes only in ingle Cab configuration which is the same as the one from heavy duty F Series trucks. It comes with numerous influences from E Series vans, with similar grill design that is blacked out and signature nostrils on each side of grille slots. Under the grille there is a three piece bumper, that can easily be repaired by replacing only one of three parts. This truck rolls on 10-lug wheels and it has tow hook in the front and a large central air flow. In the back F750 comes with a functional tailgate. Tonka version is painted in recognizable Tonka yellow color and it comes with some extra design features including “Built Ford Though” mud flaps.

2016 Ford F-750 review


2016 Ford F-750 is a working man’s truck and it is mostly sold in fleets. Inside the cabin it doesn’t have any woodtrim or leather upholstery, it comes with regular cloth upholstery, It comes with manual windows, and locks and very basic air conditioning. There’s no infotainment system or telematics in the form we see it inside F150 or some other more popular trucks. On the other hand there’s an additional option that includes SYNC telematics made for communication with other trucks in the fleet and the dispatch center.

2016 Ford F-750 front

Performance and Engine

Performance segment received the biggest upgrade for this model year. It now comes with upgraded 6,7 liter Power Stroke Turbo Diesel V8 engine and three power ratings. Buyers can choose between three different outputs. Base version comes with 270 horsepower and 675 pound feet of torque, second is the 300 hp and 700 lb ft of torque engine output and the third power rating comes with 330 horsepower and 725 pound feet of torque. Power Stroke V8 is paired with commercial grade TorqueShift six speed transmission system which comes with every power rating. There is also a version with bigger engine that comes with similar Power Stroke unit with 6,8 liter displacement and bigger V10 engine. This engine can also be easily shifted to compressed natural gas.

2016 Ford F-750

2016 Ford F-750 Price

There is still no information about the price of 2016 Ford F750. New model will probably start its sales in summer or fall this years and its price will be at least one thousand dollars higher than last year, because the changes in the performance segment it comes with. Current model of this famous truck can be bought for $69,000, but it price varies depending on the trim level and additional options buyers choose.

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