2016 Ford C-max

The C-Max is Ford’s medium range MPV which has been hugely successful in Europe but not so successful back in the US where it struggles especially due to being only available with a hybrid option. The 2016 Ford C-Max is apparently going to be a Global model, meaning that it will be available with the same engines and equipment levels in all the markets. Also, it is apparently going to be sold alongside the hybrid version which is going to be only for the US market.

Over the previous generation, the new model is going to feature a new design which is going to be more in line with the rest of Ford’s lineup of cars. On top of that, it will use the new modular platform of the Focus as well as it will feature completely different engines, some of which will also be introduced in the US market as new additions.

2016 Ford C-max side

2016 Ford C-max Price

As far as the price goes, not much will change. The base Energi option will cost just over $33,000 in the US while the new versions are likely going to start at around $20,000 which would give it a massive boost over the competition.

2016 Ford C-max models


Engine wise, the 2016 Ford C-Max is going to feature a few different engines, two of them being petrol powered as well as two diesel versions which are most likely going to be available only in Europe. The base engine is most likely going to be the 1 liter EcoBoost in the 120 horsepower and 200 N*m of torque form. This will provide more than 40 MPG with ease, being the perfect replacement for the costly hybrid. On top of this, there will also going to be a 1.5 liter EcoBoost which is going to be available in the US at a base price of around $23,000. This engine is likely to offer a bit less than in the Fusion, at 170 horsepower, but it will have better fuel economy thanks to a lower total weight as well as a differently geared transmission.

The US version will also be available as a plug-in-hybrid which features a 7.4 kWh battery as well as a 2 liter engine, offering more than 50 MPG on average with a total power of around 180 horsepower.

2016 Ford C-max front

The diesel versions are going to be available only in Europe. These will include both a 1.5 liter 120 horsepower inline 4 as well as a 2 liter diesel with more than 160 horsepower. Both of them will get over 40 MPG on average and both of them are going to cost around 25% more than the petrol powered versions.

The 2016 Ford C-max is only going to be available with front wheel drive and a 6 speed automatic while the hybrid will get a CVT gearbox which is going to aid the fuel consumption.


2016 Ford C-max back

The exterior of the 2016 Ford C-Max is going to be updated and the biggest change here is going to be the front end of the car which will get the new Ford look with the big chromed front grille and the more angular headlights with the included LED. This is going to resemble the new Focus a lot more than the previous generation. Its back on the other hand will be an evolution of the older model with more modern design choices like LED and a cleaner tailgate.


2016 Ford C-max interior

Inside the 2016 Ford C-max the trend of improvement will stay. It will borrow the dashboard from the new Focus as well as its seats, meaning it will only be a blown up version of it. This is not exactly bad considering the Focus is already a good car but a different design was preferred because it would have given it its own style.

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