2016 Ford B-max

While there are a lot of small and practical cars on the market, not many of them manage to get to the standard of practicality of the 2016 Ford B-Max. This is a car which has been officially launched back in 2012 as a more practical Fiesta. Back when it was launched it had no real competitor but things have changed and Ford is not forced to make it better in order to stay competitive.

Just like before, the newer model is going to be based on the next generation Fiesta meaning that it will inherit most of its engines as well as its driving behavior which is not exactly bad considering the Fiesta is one of the better driving small cars on the market. As far as we know, the chassis won’t suffer any major changes so the feel of the car will remain mostly unchanged.

2016 Ford B-max review

2016 Ford B-max Price

As far as the pricing goes, the 2016 Ford B-max base model will cost around $15.000 which may seem a bit too high but it is only $2500 more than the similarly equipped Fiesta which is not that bad. The release date for the 2016 model has been set in the fourth quarter of 2015, so there is still some development time left.

Engine of 2016 Ford B-max

Engine wise, it will feature a lot of options in order to fit most of the buyers needs and budgets. The base engine will be a 1.4 liter aspirated inline 4 which offers 90 horsepower and 127 N*m of torque. Not that much but more than enough for city driving. Further up the range, a 1 liter EcoBoost will be offered in two power ratings. The base one offers 101 horsepower and 169 N*m of torque while the other one offers as much as 120 horsepower and 200 N*m of torque which is quite impressive for a one liter engine which only had turbocharging installed.
Both of these engines are good for more than 55 imperial MPG which is actually better than most hybrids today, thing that not many cars can achieve. The older 1.6 liter aspirated engine has been discontinued in the favor of a smaller 1.5 liter EcoBoost which actually offers a lot more power. As far as we know, it will be a down-rated version of that in the Mondeo, so it will probably have around 170 horsepower and 240 N*m of torque, being the perfect equivalent for the Fiesta ST.

2016 Ford B-max front


There will be also two diesel engines, a 1.5 liter as well as a 1.6 liter engine. Power will range from 75 to 100 horsepower while the fuel consumption will be around 60 MPG on average which is more than impressive. Performance won’t be outstanding but for a city car it should be more than enough.


Inside the 2016 Ford B-Max there will be pretty much the same feel as in the Fiesta but with more space than in it. The dashboard will be identical to that of the Fiesta while the actual equipment level will be slightly upmarket due to a higher price. The biggest change over the Fiesta are the rear doors which unlike on any other car in its class slide backwards, offering greatly improved access over the rear seats as well as much better access in tight parking spaces.

2016 Ford B-max back


On the exterior the 2016 Ford B-max model is expected to receive a few minor updates, most of which are going to update the front fascia to the new Ford design scheme which is present on the new US Fusion. This means it will probably get the LED daytime running ligths as well as the chromed grille which are going to give it a really striking look that is sure to impress its buyers.

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