2015 Ford Taurus Price and Specs

The one of the legendary American cars is coming to the market soon, redesign and fresh, the new 2015 Ford Taurus is reaching the market. We can wait.


2015 Ford Taurus back

If you are into luxurious mid-size cars 2015 Ford Taurus would be perfect choice for you. One of the largest sedans at Ford’s factory was started being produced back in the 80s. Reminding of a jellybean it brought freshness and radical changes when it appeared on the market for the first time. 2014 model got high score and extremely good reviews which would be very hard to beat. According to the first photos, exterior design is significantly modernized and exhaustion system is little bit different than it used to be. On the other hand, there are changes under the hood which are far more important.

Interior and Exterior

2015 Ford Taurus interior

New design of 2015 Ford Taurus tried to merge sport outlook with a recognizable comfort, especially the driver’s. Design of the seats and displays on the dashboard help driver to reach maximum comfort. Seats look sportier and feeling while sitting in them is incredible. Front and rear part of the exterior has been refreshed. Since 2010 Ford started producing Taurus with less conservative look applying that to the 2015 model, as well. Some fans compare it with a Ford Fusion concluding it is his stretched version.

2015 Ford Taurus inside


Not only design had suffered radical changes but there are also differences under the hood comparing to its predecessor. For such a luxurious car it is incredibly strong. 3.5 liter V-6 can develop 290 horsepower with a dual air release system improving engine’s function. However, the biggest accent is on the EcoBoost four-cylinder engine with a turbocharger developing 237 horsepower. Comparing to 2014 model of Ford Taurus this is the most significant difference. The EcoBoost V-6 has also been installed in Taurus SHO developing 365 horsepower with six-speed transmission.

2015 Ford Taurus review


There are lots of things that are still unclear about the 2015 Ford Taurus and so is the price. We tried to get any information about it but we could find any data. Though, it is believed the price would be surprisingly cheaper than its predecessor. Ford didn’t announce when the price will be published but there are estimations this will happen right before the release.

2015 Ford Taurus Release Date

We do apologize for disappointing you but once again there is lack of information about the Taurus. It is not clear why does Ford keep so much information in secrecy. However, it is believed this happens due to Ford’s wish to raise interest about the Taurus before the release. As soon as something new is announced will update you a.s.a.p.

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