2015 Ford Shelby GT500 Cabriolet Release Date

The new 2015 Ford Shelby GT500 Cabriolet is coming to the market soon. Finally, development of the 2015 version is almost complete and the car is set to hit the market with a bang. Ford has been able to keep the Shelby brand in the market for decades by ensuring every new model cuts out a reputation for itself in terms of performance. It has done tremendous enhancements to make its latest GT500 more powerful than its predecessor. It also comes with better handling features such as a re-engineered suspension and improved braking.

2015 Ford Shelby GT500 Cabriolet preview

Here are some of the features you can look forward to in the 2015 Version of the Ford Shelby GT500.


2015 Ford Shelby GT500 Cabriolet engine

The new GT500 comes packing a powerful Supercharged 5.8L V8 engine that delivers over 660 Horsepower. This car will come with a manual transmission. Ford has also taken into consideration the fact that not everyone has the skills to control all that power, this is why it also offers an optional automatic transmission that works with a twin clutch to ensure the car’s power remains under control. They have also added intelligent traction control and Launch control system that ensures your tires do not spin uncontrollably.

2015 Ford Shelby GT500 Cabriolet back

The launch control system lets you set the RPM launch points, which takes into consideration variables such as the tire temperature, ground temperature and elevation to ensure the car sets off without any tire damaging wheel spin.

When it comes to performance, the car can do 0-62mph in just under 3.6 seconds, when you decide to put your foot down long enough; it will accelerate up to speeds of up to 202 Mph.

It is normal to expect an engine producing all that power to have a high power consumption, however, this car has an impressive fuel consumption rating of 15mpg within the city and 24mpg on the high way making it one of the most efficient engines of its size.

2015 Ford Shelby GT500 Cabriolet review

2015 Ford Shelby GT500 Cabriolet Handling

The Car relies on Brembo’s high performance Brake system that features six-piston calipers. Its pads are made of Carbon Ceramic and works against steel disks. It also comes with independent rear suspension to counter the Engine’s thrust and improve weight balance.


2015 Ford Shelby GT500 Cabriolet interior

Just like its predecessor, the new GT500 comes with a sporty dashboard design; it also has vintage gauges and a large three-spoke steering wheel. Standard trims include leather upholstery, Brushed aluminum, a 500 Watt Audio system with SiriusXM satellite radio. Optional features include a 1000-watt stereo, heated seats and tire pressure monitoring system.


Ford has maintained the Shelby’s signature look save for a few adjustments to give it a more 21st Century look.
The 2015 GT500 is expected to hit the market with a starting price of $55,000.

The new GT500 like its predecessor is a powerful car and is ideal for the car lovers who are all about performance and speed.

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