2015 Ford S Max

As per the 2013 Frankfurt Motor show, it is expected that the 2015 Ford S Max will be quite stylish featuring more efficient, powerful and durable components. As mentioned by Ford, the car manufacturer, the car construction would be based on next generation Ford Modeo.

2015 Ford S Max Release Date and Price

2015 Ford S Max side

The exact release date has not yet be mentioned but according to predictions, it will be somewhere between September and December this year. In addition, its exact price has not yet been confirmed even though most people claim that it will be a bit higher than $22,805.

2015 Ford S Max Engine

2015 Ford S Max engine

It is anticipated that the new 2015 Ford S-Max would feature turbocharged EcoBoost petrol and TDCi diesel engines. The motors will be created with a high-tech technology to help provide better performance and economical rates of fuel consumption. As it appeared in the 2013 Frankfurt Motor show, the EcoBoost engine would a four cylinder with a capacity of 1.5 liters. This car engine is designed quite effective and efficient to create new face other Ford S Max models to come.

Design Features

2015 Ford S Max interior

When talking of 2015 Ford S Max equipment, interior and exterior, the car has been made using the ultramodern technologies to help better performance, appearance and stability. For instance, the car interior would be created versatile and with enough space to accommodate 7 passengers. The car seats would be strategically designed and installed to improve comfort. Looking at the fact that the car would be supplied with metal, gloss plastics and leather materials, it would supply enough comfort and better specification models. The car is also expected to feature high-tech components such as SYNC system, Wi-Fi, Frankfurt concept car system, pedestrian detection system, heartbeat tracking device and Active Park Assist system.

2015 Ford S Max Performance

2015 Ford S Max review

The 2015 Ford S Max performance of the car would also be guaranteed in that it would feature units like the SYNC system that would enable drivers to use voice recognition to control some of the car functions, Wi-Fi Hotspot that would provide passengers with the potential to surf the net as they still drive, the heartbeat device that would work in monitoring the rate at which the heart of the driver beats, a pedestrian detector whose work would be to automatically halt the car if there is a passenger ahead besides the Active Park Assist that would work to notify the driver in case of any traffic that pulls out of space. On top of these features is the high-resistance and durable finishes that would be applied on the car exterior to help make it safe from the damages caused by environmental changes.

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