2015 Ford Ranger Release Date and Price

The 2015 Ford Ranger is coming soon to the market. We had an opportunity and see him at close, we make some pictures, and hoard some information about new Ford.


One of the favorite pickup trucks in US is back on the track. Ford Ranger won the prize for the Best pickup in the world in 2013 but according to the first information 2015 model is going to beat his older brother. This was a chance for engineers and designers at Ford to correct all mistakes of its predecessor and make a pickup which everyone will admire. Comparing to Ford F-150 and Ford Edge it has better performance but the will probably be higher. It is highly suitable for families due to seven seats installed in it. Whether this car meets your demands or not you can decide after reading all relevant specifications.

Interior and Exterior

2015 Ford Ranger Diesel interior

Changes were primarily focused on the external part of the vehicle. It will still remind us of the old Ranger but with a modern look. Ford really had trouble in the past with critics and therefore decided to use lighter materials, such as aluminum, and some new body parts. Inner part has some additional features first time seen it the Ranger. Insulating materials are considerably changed and they are installed in the chassis and the ceiling, as well. Emphasis was on the safety leading Ford to invest more money on improving safety features.

2015 Ford Ranger Diesel seats


The 2015 Ford Ranger will come in two different versions. There is an option of buying either Excluding Taxi XLT or Limited Wildtrack, depending on the engine you want. In the first one there is 2.2 liter TDCi engine developing 150 horsepower. On the other hand, you can choose Ranger with 2.3 liter engine which can create 143 horsepower with an option to switch to manual transmission. Whether to choose one or another there are no significant differences in the power but the main difference is put on the transmission system.

2015 Ford Ranger Diesel review


Many things are yet unknown about 2015 Ford Ranger and so is the price. Price will surely be slightly different for two models but there are no estimations. It is believed we will have to wait few more months for the official publication.

Photo Gallery:

2015 Ford Ranger Release Date

It is believed that 2015 Ford Ranger will appear on the car shows this year. However, sales won’t start before 2015. Lot of information about the Ranger is still unknown and we expect they will be revealed on the following car shows. We just have to be patient until Ford’s announcement. When this does happen come back here for further information, especially about the price.

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