2015 Ford Ranger Diesel Release Date and Price

As more people look forward to the best car models in market, Ford Car Company is also looking for more innovative ways to make their products more outstanding and remain competitive in the car market. Due to their desire to produce the best cars, Ford has come up with the 2015 Ford Ranger Diesel car proposal.

2015 Ford Ranger Diesel back

2015 Ford Ranger Diesel Price and Release Date

Even though, rumors claim that the 2015 Ford Ranger Diesel would be released before the end of 2014 or in the start of 2015, the exact date in which the car would be released has not yet been decided. The actual cost of the car is also not specified even though most people expect that the price would be lower than $18,160.


2015 Ford Ranger Diesel engine

It is rumored that the car would be made with two engine versions among which is the 2.3 liter EcoBoost 4 cylinder engine that would have a horsepower of 143 on each of the wheel drives. Some rumors as well claim that the car would be designed with a 2.5 liter Duratec cylinder with 173 hp. It would also be fitted with a fuel efficient system to ensure that people can maximize the use of their cars without spending so much on fuel.


As per 2015 Ford Ranger Diesel performance, the car would be designed from light materials like aluminum. It would also be designed with safety features such as armrest, electric mirrors, a flexible driver’s seat; park aids system and trailer stabilization systems. In addition, the car would feature other components such as zone automatic command units, sound system, audio systems and reverse camera. Still in performance standards of the car, it will be fitted with audio-insulation material in its ceiling, doors and chassis to ensure that the noise pollution is minimized. In comparison to the previous ford car model, the Ranger would be made with a larger indoor spacing and better seat arrangement to accommodate more people.

2015 Ford Ranger Diesel review

Specs and Design

Looking at the numerous innovations that would come with this car, it is considered as the most cost effective and prolific car to be featured in the market in 2015. This is in consideration to its ability to consume lower quantities of fuel besides being designed with newer and lighter components that would guarantee its performance. The car would also be designed with larger storage space to ensure that people who need to be transporting huge amounts of luggage do not have to worry about spacing. This makes it a crucial car model for all types of transportation needs.


2015 Ford Ranger Diesel interior

More information about 2015 Ford Ranger Diesel:

Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Ranger_%28T6%29

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