2015 Ford Mustang Release Date and Price

New, New, New!!!! Official information is leak, Price for new 2015 Ford Mustang is $25,995 For the model with the EcoBoost engine, and 2015 Ford Mustang GT cost $32,925.

The 2015 Ford Mustang is coming to the market soon. This is one of the American Muscle car that is popular all over the world. He is strong, with aggressive look, that all man wanna have him in their garage. And women want to be driven in him.


The leading role in “Need for speed movie” won’t be a person but a car, 2015 Ford Mustang. Two months ago Ford unveiled camera shots from this movie teasing all its fans. New generation of Mustang was introduced in December 2013 and was the top story in many car magazines. For the first time experts from England and Australia took part in designing this car therefore it is predicted it would have more success on those markets than before. New Mustang will bunch of new features i.e. more alternatives for engine than predecessor, turbocharger and suspension with a better handling. However, improved suspension will increase the price.

Interior and Exterior

2015 Ford Mustang interior

The roof of the new 2015 Ford Mustang has been lowered giving it more sport look. Dimensions, in general, haven’t been changed as well as the wheelbase. Some steel parts are replaced with aluminum therefore it will probably be less heavy. Design, though, will be totally changed and definitely set new standards for the future models. Headlight are completely redesigned, also the ridges on the door and it has more grill shape. Detailed interior information hasn’t been released so far and we will update you as soon as Ford announces. Everything we know is that it will be slightly different than previous generation of Mustang.


2015 Ford Mustang engine

Two previous options for the engine will still be available but now with one more alternative, 2.3l four-cylinder with a turbocharger which is part of the Lincoln’s MKC. Direct injection will be part of the EcoBoost and with air-to-air intercooler producing astonishing 305 HP and 300 lb-ft of torque. Ford though didn’t confirm any of this information and the source is unknown. There are some rumors it will have 3.7l V-6 or 5.8l V-8 or maybe even engine with a bigger numbers.

2015 Ford Mustang preformance

2015 Ford Mustang Price

Official information is leak, Price for new 2015 Ford Mustang is $25,995 For the model with the EcoBoost engine, and 2015 Ford Mustang GT cost $32,925. That is great price for the one of the best American Muscle ever!!!!

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Release Date

Even though we don’t know approximate range of the price there are realistic predictions that release will happen in autumn of 2014. It is surely one of the greatest cars coming out this year and will be on the cover pages of the most car magazines. For all those who are lucky to drive this car we can just plead not to test its maximum power.

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