2015 Ford Ka Review and Price

The 2015 Ford Ka is one of the best selling small cars in Europe and for the next year Ford is planning on releasing a brand new model that will make everyone who loved the previous car happy. While the older model is actually based on the Fiat 500 which was a good car but didn’t offer the driving characteristics of a Ford, the new model will be based on a shrunk platform of the new 2015 Ford Ka. This means better driving characteristics, new engines and more interior space.

2015 Ford Ka Price

2015 Ford Ka side

While the price hasn’t been officially announced yet we actually expect it to cost a bit less that the 2014 model thanks to being an internal platform, meaning that the base car is likely to cost under $13,000 or 10,000 euro while a top spec model should cost less than $19,000 or 14,000 euro. The Official price for 2014 is $14553 or R$35,390.

2015 Ford Ka back


Engine wise, the Ka will be powered by a 1 liter 3 cylinder EcoBoost engine. This little turbocharged beast is able to provide with its tiny turbo 78 horsepower and 110 lb-ft of torque which should be more than enough for city driving. Fuel consumption should be less than 5 liters per 100 kilometers on average which is also quite a bit better than the previous model. We only hope that Ford will be kind enough to also offer the 1 liter engine in the 130 horsepower trim, making a very effective Sport Ka.

2015 Ford Ka engine

Most likely, the Ka will be offered with front wheel drive only and a 6 speed manual transmission. It is uncertain yet that it will receive an automatic, but this is possible when you see the other cars with the 1 liter EcoBoost.


Performance will be good and as we said, the car will get a brand new chassis. The suspension is most likely going to be better than on the previous car while interior space will increase by quite a bit. There is a chance that Ford will give it a longer wheelbase in order to compete with the new Twingo.


2015 Ford Ka seats

On the 2015 Ford Ka interior you will get only the basic commodities like air conditioning and electric front windows. An audio player should also be included but this is highly dependent on the market it is sold in. The top end models should come with more luxury such as automatic climate control, a satellite navigation system and even electric front seats.

2015 Ford Ka interior


The design of the 2015 Ford Ka has been revealed to the public recently and from the pictures we can see a small 4 door car that slightly resembles the Fiesta. The front grille is big and quite similar to that of the Mondeo while the back of the car resembles that of an older model from VW. Nonetheless, the car looks quite good and should be a worthy competitors for all the other small cars on the market.

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