2015 Ford Flex Price and Release Date

The 2015 Ford Flex is coming to the market soon. This is one of the Fords model that is good for country driving, and big families. This is unique vehicle that ford is created.


Finally, something that we have been expecting ever since it was released. 2015 Ford Flex will be redesigned but in general. It will face major changes for the first time since 2008 when it was put on sale. So far, each Flex brought great quality and stability. It has been more or less popular on car for all these years but certanly this moment had to happen sooner or later. Ford finally started to listen its customers creating a vehicle that everyone will admire. Previous Flexes usually had only engine improvements. However, 2015 model will have futuristic design accompanied with new headlights and grill.

Interior and Exterior

2015 Ford Flex interior

As it was mentioned above look of the 2015 Ford Flex will be revolutionary. Appearance is more elegant than before with more horizontal lines making this car unique. With seven seats placed in three rows with a possibility to fold back seats make this car perfect for long distance travels. Seats are even bigger than in Expedition and Explorer creating more comfortable atmosphere. However, back seats are not easy to reach which also was one the drawbacks of the predecessor. This model has problems with touch screen, as well.
2015 Ford Flex trunck


Ford continued with light engine changes in Flexes. There are no confirmed informations about the engine but rumors tell us that it will have  3.5l four- cylinder turbocharged V6  engine. Compared to 2014 model fuel consumption will be on a lower level making it more efficient. For higher trim levels customers can choose one out of few diesel engines. EcoBoost V6 is an option for almost all 2015 Ford and Flex won’t be an exception.
2015 Ford Flex side

2015 Ford Flex Price

So far Ford hasn’t announced any information about the price. Of course, some speculations have appeared telling us starting price would be approximately 30 900 dollars. This amount is for the base model with an option to add more money for buying additional parts. Comparing to 2014 model price is higher for around 30%.

Release Date

According to our sources 2015 Ford Flex will on sale in the third quarter 2014. We recommend you to wait if you doubt to buy either old version or 2015 model. Expectations tell us we don’t have to wait much more and everything you need is little patience. Price is higher for $10,000 but it is up to you to estimate is it worth buying.

More information:
Ford http://www.ford.com/crossovers/flex/gallery/photos/

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