2015 Ford Fiesta Hatchback Price and Release Date

The 2015 Ford Fiesta Hatchback is coming to the market soon. This is small family car that is good for driving short distance city rides. And another thing that is great to this car model is his price that is bit low.

2015 Ford Fiesta Hatchback front


2015 Ford Fiesta Hatchback is a perfect car for all those who prefer an affordable hatchback with a respected fuel consumption. It brings few both interior and exterior innovations combining them with improved engine. There is a choice though, for all those who can not wait the release of the new Fiesta Hatchback. Many recommended buying 2014 model or waiting for the 2016 version proving that with the fact 2015 model has brought nothing revolutive. Whether are you going to choose first or second option it is important to consider all the fact, pros and cons of the both sides before making final conclusion.

Interior and Exterior

2015 Ford Fiesta Hatchback interior

2015 Ford Fiesta Hatchback stays in the family of the smallest cars in the US. Styling was slightly changed based on body design of 2013 Ford Fusion. Interior passengers would find more comfortable. There is plenty of room for legs at front as well as at the back. Children and people who are under average height would find this car especially suitable. The hatchback is more versatile than the sedan but has less cargo capacity. All in all new model is much more sophisticated than earlier bringing totaly different experience.

2015 Ford Fiesta Hatchback back


Steering is electronicly based, as before, with front-wheel drive. Engine used is 1.6-liter four-cylinder which can develop 120HP. However, this is not the only engine used to power this machine. Beside this, 1.6-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost with turbocharger is also installed. With direct injection it can develop 197HP. 1.0l EcoBoost three-cylinder engine is an option and up to driver decide whether to install it or not. In spite of the ST, that has six-speed automatic, with Hatchback you have to satisfy with five-speed transmission mission.

Price of 2015 Ford Fiesta Hatchback

New Ford Fiestas have different prices depending on the model. Hatchback is among the cheapest with 15 395 dollars, way cheaper than i.e. brand-new top-performing ST which costs 22 195$. 2015 Ford Fiesta Hatchback is completely afordable for families with an average sallary. Comparing to older his older brother it is not too much expensive as it was expected before the official announcement.

2015 Ford Fiesta Hatchback Release date

If you are impatient and can not wait for the release of new Fiesta Hatchback we recommend buying 2014 model. Changes are not huge and it has lower price. On the other hand, if you prefer to have brand new version you will need to wait untill the begining of the next year.

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