2015 Ford Falcon Release Date and Price

The Ford Motor company is set to launch the Falcon Model in the Australia and New Zealand markets later this year. Various sources have spotted the 2015 Ford Falcon being tested ahead of the launch. This will certainly be the final model of the Ford’s Falcon to be developed in Australia since the company has already made known plans to terminate its Australia Production line in 2016. With no models likely to be a replacement lovers of the Ford’s products have every reason to get the latest offerings.

The 2015 Ford Falcon model will be an upgrade of the FG Flacon. The FG has been around since 2008 succeeding the AU Falcon that was launched in 1998. Although this latest model is not an entirely new design, it features sleek front and rear sections.

2015 Ford Falcon side

On the exterior it is fitted with new lights and bumpers on both ends with a nice mesh-pattern grille at the front end. It also similar looks with the Focus and Fusion models. Its size matches up to the Taurus. The interior has been given a facelift to include comfort and elegance.

Performance and Engine

The performance is pretty similar to its predecessor. For the regular Falcon it will run on a 2.0-liter four cylinder engine. The spotty XR6 and XR8 sledgehammer will feature more powerful engines. The XR6 will run on a turbocharged version of six cylinders while the XR8 will get a supercharged model of the 5.0-litre V-8 found in a Mustang. The peak performance for the XR8 will be a high of 450 horsepower. The drive on the 2015 Ford Falcon will go to the rear wheel.

2015 Ford Falcon highlits

With the closure of the FPV division the XR8 will be a replacement. Indeed the 351 GT F was the FPV’s last model. Over the years the Falcon models have featured a variant of the XR8 with the V-8 engine capability. The 2015 Ford Falcon XR8 will be the first to feature a full induction. Transmission will be through six-speed manual and automatic options with the drive going to the rear wheels.

2015 Ford Falcon front

2015 Ford Falcon Features

The 2015 Ford Falcon XR model features very unique styles. It encompasses sporty bumpers at the front, a power dome hood and a stylish exhaust system. The headlights in all the Falcon models feature the LED daytime running lights. The unique fog light bezel is equally a plus to the designing team. At the rear end, there is a split tail light to compliment the car’s wide and smooth exterior outlook.

2015 Ford Falcon interior

With these improved features, car enthusiasts should be looking forward to the end of the year when the 2015 Ford Falcon hits the roads.

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