2015 Ford F650 Limousine Release Date and Price

The 2015 Ford F650 Limousine is the customized version of its F 650 Trucks. An exquisite looking stretch limo comes with all the styling and interior of a stretch limo. The Ford combines the power and reliability of the medium duty truck with a little luxury and class to make the ultimate Stretch Limousine that you can go everywhere in.

2015 Ford F650 Limousine review

The F 650 Limo is a version of the F 650 truck that comes with an extended body and additional features to make it the ultimate luxury truck. The F 650 limo has a one of a kind look ideal for red carpet events and functions attended by the elite of the society..

The F 650 is the largest truck based limousine you can fine today. This huge truck limo makes a bold statement everywhere it goes; it towers over traffic letting you look down on all the other vehicles, including other limousines.

You and your friends can ride this great to parties, and special functions such as graduation parties, attending concerts and major entertainment events. Ford has now released a brand new 2015 Ford F650 Limousine, which set to turn heads and have more presence than the old one.

2015 Ford F650 Limousine back


The new 2015 F 650 is powered by a 6.7L Turbo Diesel capable of delivering 360 Horsepower at 18,000 RPM. Its engine is coupled to the final drive via a 6-speed Alison automatic transmission. The Truck also comes with an optional 6.7 L Triton V10 engine that uses gasoline and delivers 362 Horsepower.


The front end of the limo looks like a regular Ford F 650 truck, the chassis is longer and its rear end rides on two axels. Its 40 feet long and 8 feet tall, and has the design of a luxury SUV.


2015 Ford F650 Limousine interior

The F 650 interior can be customized to the look you want, however, it does come with standard features such as, air conditioning, beverage holders, Auxiliary power outlets, and Audio System with Surround sound.

Some of the customization options include installation of TV screens, Fiber Optics, lasers and strobe lights, hard wood floors and up to 10 TVs. This limo can easily carry 24 to 30 passengers comfortably. It is so spacious making it a hybrid of a lime and a tour bus.

2015 Ford F650 Limousine side

2015 Ford F650 Limousine Price

The 2015 Ford F650 Limousine price depends on the degree of customization that goes into it; however, you should be able to get one starting at $89,000. If you are looking for the ultimate party car, one that makes an impression in every event you attend, The Ford F 650 Limo is your ultimate choice. It commands attention everywhere you drive to.

Video of 2015 Ford F650 Limousine:

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