2015 Ford F-750 Release Date and Price

The 2015 Ford F-750 is coming to the market soon. Ford has a reputation of producing medium –duty work trucks, maybe not so exciting vehicles but capable of performing necessary daily jobs.

2015 Ford F-750 review

2015 Ford F-750 is another a bit stylish truck released in mid 2014, mounted with a heavy engine; a bit economical on fuel consumption and to make it comfortable, is adorned with comfortable sits, conditioned with modern AC. Below are key features that make this model of truck stand out:

Interior features

To start with, 2015 Ford F-750 seats are well arranged and spaced (vinyl bucket) 30% width with a gap in between the driver’s and passenger’s seat. In addition, for comfort and convenience, the seats are supported by assist handles and arm’s rest. It’s mounted with an AM/Fm stereo with Mp3 capability for entertainment. To make you enjoy more and have more expandable options, there is a single-disk CD/MP3 player complimented with two speakers (for regular) and four speakers (for super cab and Crew Cab). To cruse swiftly in any kind of weather, there is an air conditioner with manual including heater and defroster.

Exterior features

2015 Ford F-750 preview

The truck comes in different colours which are easily customizable to suit your desired preference. On each side, there are mirrors for protection (rectangular, sail type measuring 96”). There are headlights, rectangular in shape and halogen sealed for a sharp reflection. At the tail, there are two taillights to indicate stop, turn and with back up and a license plate. It has laminated glass windshield with solar tint all around to protect you from direct sunlight, which are cleaned with windshield wiper fixed with electric washers.

Engine capabilities- cummins 6.7LISB

2015 Ford F-750 engine

This engine has the latest Cummins technology which includes full-authority controls (electronic), high pressure fuel injection mechanism, latest 24 valve architecture, VGT turbocharger and many more. It’s an ISB 6.7 L engine available in your choice of horsepower and torque ratings. It has an onboard diagnostic OBD-2 with enormous memory capacity.

Braking system – Quadraulic, 4 – Wheel Disc Brake System

For effectiveness, the braking system has 4 channel anti- lock brakes, with 4- piston brake callipers to boost speed. It’s also designed to support automatic traction and is standard on diesel- powered models.

Speed automatic overdrive

This is made possible credit to the generation V control module in it. It’s designed in a manner that it resists oxidation hence saves on costs since the synthetic fluids used in it don’t require regular replacements.

2015 Ford F-750 Release Date and Price

This truck is also economical in terms of fuel consumption and has a battery with long life span. The average 2015 Ford F-750 market price is (starting) is $69,135 but differs from state to state. You can also request a local quote through Fords website and most importantly, they can help you locate a genuine dealer.oming to the market soon.

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