2015 Ford F-650 Release Date and Price

The 2015 Ford F-650 is arguably the only mid sized truck that comes with the choice of either gas or diesel power to meet the requirements of your task. Ford has been the top manufacturer of commercial trucks in the U.S for 29 years. That’s a record track built for performance, dependability and proven ruggedness.

Interior Features

2015 Ford F-650 interior

The interior has been redesigned to offer greater comfort. The instrument panel comes now with controls that are easy-to-use and easy-to-view instruments. The four factory-installed up-fitter switches which are integrated into the panel are now standard on all models save for the Regular XL Cabs. Additional front seating options are something new to look forward to besides the cup holders and also seats will have armrests.

Exterior Features

2015 Ford F-650 preview
F-650 is a legend for reliability and toughness. You will be able to pick from the numerous wheelbase lengths, three cabs and 14 cab-to-axle length styles to customize the truck that’s just perfect for your needs.

Engine — Cummins 6.7L ISB

2015 Ford F-650 engine

The 2015 Ford F-650 ISB 6.7L is the standard engine is. It has the latest Cummins technology, it includes; a common high-pressure-rail fuel-injection system, full-authority electronic controls, 24-valve design, the VGT patented turbocharger, a particulate filter and others. This 6.7L Powertrain comes in your choice of 11 horsepower and torque ratings. For 2015, the ISB 6.7L on-board diagnostics comes with the OBD-2 that has a greater memory capacity.

Transmission — Allison®2500RDS/WR, 6-Speed Automatic Overdrive

Allison® automatics come equipped with the 5th Generation control unit for smooth operation and features the (LBSS) load-based shift scheduling. It uses synthetic transmission fluid which has proved to be more beneficial as it doesn’t require often replacement and offers increased oxidation resistance and a reduced cost compared to the petroleum based transmission fluids. This standard 6-speed automatic transmission is standard to both the diesel powered F-650& F-750 truck models.

2015 Ford F-650 performance

The 2015 Ford F-650 6-Speed Ford-TorqShift, SelectShift-automatic transmission is built for dependability and performance. It is mated to the 6.8L Triton V10 gas- engine, the TorqShift has a double-overdrive mechanism and a lower end 3.97 first gear. It has big and strong gears which take on extra torque. This means that you use fewer RPM since at lower speeds the torque converter will lock up.

The SelectShift spec of the 6-speed TorqShift automatic transmission has 2 drivers-initiated modes. In Progressive Range mode, one can limit the range of gears so as to lock out the overdrive for a consistent speed over mountain ranges. In Full Manual select, it is possible go all the way up and down the gearbox giving you full control.

2015 Ford F-650 review

If you operate a snowplow, pump, spreader, aerial lift, hydraulic hoist or any other power equipment, diesel power here is not your sole option. The TorquShift transmission is paired with the 6.8L class-exclusive V10 gas engine that provides (PTO) power takeoff provision.

Brakes, hydraulic — Quadraulic™ 4-Wheel Disc Brake System

All 2015 Ford F-650 model, comes equipped with the Quadraulic 4-wheel disc and 4-channel antilock brakes. For this system you can easily add features like 2- or 4-wheel power-parking brakes. The automatic traction control which is standard on the diesel-powered models, helps in maximizing the available traction on loose and slippery surfaces.

Power and Handling

Allison®. Cummins®. Fuller®. and Ford. The Ford truck line has always delivered the power that’s required to get the job done. It also offers you technology that you can customize so as to get just the right combination of the work at hand and while you are at it you get to save on the costs.


With their traditional Ford durability and toughness, the 2015 Ford F-650 offers standard full power-brakes with its four-piston system for performance and responsive pedal feel.
Air conditioning,
Air conditioning is standard on all models together with heater and defroster.

2015 Ford F-650 Release date and Price

Ford, the leading American truck manufacturer, released the 2015 Ford F-650 model in Indianapolis on March 4, 2014 –setting a new standard in the commercial work medium-duty truck segment. The truck’s starting price is $69,135.

More information:
Ford http://www.ford.com/commercial-trucks/f650-f750/specifications/engine/

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