2015 Ford F -150 Tonka Release Date and Price

The 2015 Ford F -150 Tonka is coming to the market. One of the things that we are most grateful for is the ability to move from point to point, quickly, comfortably and at our convenience courtesy of cars. Since their invention, cars have fascinated people and manufacturers are forever on the quest of making them better and faster in all aspects.

2015 Ford F -150 Tonka back

Customers on the other hand are ever seeking the latest car models to fulfill their diverse needs. Ford is a company that has been known for decades of creating trucks that have always been market leaders. That said it can now be understood that designing the new 2015 f -150 Tonka was no easy feat as it required a team that was sure it could provide a truck that further elevated the state of ford trucks.


2015 Ford F -150 Tonka

When it comes to the design of the car, ford has shaken some things up as the car is now lighter thanks to the military grade aluminum and high steel body. The use of these high strength alloys makes the car faster and more resistant to denting and the truck has however maintained the hood creases, headlight and chunky grille of the atlas truck but in a slightly wider dimensions.


2015 Ford F -150 Tonka engine

The active aerodynamics and the 2015 Ford F -150 Tonka 2.7 liter eco boost allow this model to consume fuel more efficiently and while keeping the performance at an amazing level.The doors are also slimmer and the interior is more comfortable and one could ride the car for the longest time. It also has more Tonka logos and heavy carpeting that make it suitable for different environments. Technologically the f150 has definitely unleashed its prowess as it has an8 inch screen which displays information and can also be customized. It also has an amazing 360 degree rear camera and a versatile trailer hitch.


2015 Ford F -150 Tonka interior


Though not very specific, the 6.7 L power stroke turbo diesel calibration engine of this truck has over 400 horse power. It has a new torque converter offering a six speed 6R140 torque shift transmission and also extremely powerful brakes and upgraded suspensions. The release date of the 2015 f-350 Tonka is yet to be unveiled and this is said to be because of issues with the aluminum body panels as the ones supplied did not conform to the specified standards.

2015 Ford F -150 Tonka sign

2015 Ford F -150 Tonka Price and Release Date

Lastly but not least, though the official 2015 Ford F -150 Tonka price has not yet been announced, given that this truck has lots of improvements, the starting price is estimated to start at around $ 30,000. That said this is the ultimate car as it combines style and functionality seamlessly. The 2015 Ford F -150 Tonka is expected to came to the market sometimes at the beginning 2015.

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