2015 Ford Explorer VS 2015 Honda Pilot

The 2015 Ford Explorer VS 2015 Honda Pilot are vehicles that we wanna compare. They are similar, and it is hard to decide which one is better, so we decide to compare them.


2015 Ford Explorer VS 2015 Honda Pilot review

Even though safety has been brought on a higher level performances of Honda Pilot are not among the best in the class. Honda Pilot has adequate price for the features that it offers but the most rivals on the market have more powerful engine and better interior materials. It seems new Ford Explorer is going to be one of them. Until the release, which is believed to happen in the fourth quarter of 2014, we won’t find out for sure but there are some specifications published on which we can base comparison between these two vehicles. Designers and engineers had joined their forces and created a car which is believed it is going to be one of the leaders among SUVs. Is new Explorer that better than Honda Pilot you check in the text below.

Interior and Exterior

2015 Ford Explorer VS 2015 Honda Pilot interior

Even though 2015 Ford Explorer has the outlook of the predecessor on the first look it is visible it has been modernized with more curved lines. Eights seats are placed in three rows, as well as in 2015 Honda Pilot, but there are plenty of space for each passenger in both cars. Materials used for the interior in Explorer are high quality comparing to Pilot’s which are, according to reviewers, very cheap and less elegant. If you don’t ask too much from the car you will probably be satisfied with the new Pilot but if you need more elegance Explorer will be considered for sure.


2015 Ford Explorer VS 2015 Honda Pilot engine

New Ford Explorer has three different options for an engine. One of them is 3.5 liter V-6 which can develop 290 horsepower. This engine is also used in its opponent but with significantly less power – it can develop “only” 250 horsepower. Standard transmission system of the Honda Pilot is five-speed automatic but some drivers say it is sometimes hard to switch a gear. On the other side, transmission in Explorer goes smoothly with six-speed transmission system.

2015 Ford Explorer VS 2015 Honda Pilot Price

The initial price of the Explorer, according to rumors, will be $28,290 for the base model and it will go up to $47,000 with all additional features. Price of the 2015 Honda Pilot is almost the same with an average of $28,770 and the top of $39,700. The price is in range of other rivals but considering the performances it should few thousand dollars less. 2015 Ford Explorer is definitely a winner in this battle and probably going to be one of the main players on the market. We just have to wait several more months.

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