2015 Ford Expedition – Release Date and Price

The 2015 Ford Expedition is coming to the market soon. 2015 Ford Exhibition is a perfect car if you have huge family. You can give ride to 8 passengers, including yourself, and you still won’t have lack of space.


Comparing to previous models it is much stronger, doesn’t make lot of noise and runs smoother than ever. However, there are several drawbacks you need to consider before buying this car. Design hasn’t changed too much and it is very hard to park. Each car has its pros and cons you need to take into consideration. Most of them are described in the text below.

Interior and Exterior

2015 Ford Expedition interior

As mentioned above one of the cons is old design that is not attractive. Improved design was definitely expected but we were let down. Inside this vehicle certain parts are made of plastic which decrease elegance of this car. You may think you won’t have enough space due to 8 seats in this car but back seats are easy to fold if you need additional space. Also it has the newest MyFord Touch navigation system.


2015 Ford Expedition review 2

The biggest fuss is made about new Eco Boost V-6 which means old V-8 is retired forever. This engine makes 365 horsepower more than V-8 and also 365 lb ft. Transmission used in this car is six-speed automatic. It is up to driver to choose between rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. Eco Boost V-6 enables efficient fuel economy which is one of the greatest improvements made since old model. It is important announce that specifications haven’t been officially released therefore certain differences are possible.

2015 Ford Expedition review


New 2015 Ford Expedition has new powertrain and new technology so it is expected that the price won’t be for those with shallow pocket. There some indications that the price will be in range of Suburban’s, staying competent in this area. Price for basics (unofficially though) will be around 41000$ and it will go up to 45000$ for full package.

2015 Ford Expedition Release Date

There are rumors we will have to wait until the end of this year to be able to buy 2015 Ford Expedition. It hasn’t been crash tested still therefore more safety certifications needs to get before release. We can hope everything will be just fine and there won’t be postpones. Until then we can just surf on the Web looking at Exhibition’s photos or if we are lucky to visit car shows and admire it.

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