2015 Ford Everest Release Date and Price

2015 Ford Everest is a clear sneak-peak into the millennium development vehicle model by the SUVs Team. It is scheduled to be launched in the early days of 2015. It is one of the most anticipated vehicles of 2105 based on its redefined and refreshed style. The most interesting thing about this car is that it is going to be the first vehicle to be sold outside the ASIAN market.


It is expected that the 2015 Ford Everest is going to be powered by the heavily updated 2.5 liter and 3 liter 4 cylinder engines. Moreover it is going to incorporate a 6 speed manual and automatic transmission system gearbox.

2015 Ford Everest side


Compared to 2015 Ford Everest predecessors, this car model is expected to have quite a lot of rich technical devices and high visual modifications too. These changes are expected to suit the current needs of clients. Instead of the common tires, the cooper off-road- wheels are going to be used in this car model. Its height is going to be 71.9 inches, 199.3 inches long and 112.5 inches wide. In front of the bumper will be the halogen headlights modified with the LED technology. The interior design of this car is going to have a modern design than the previous Ford Ranger. It is going to accommodate up to 7 seats suitable for a full family outing. Intuitive voice recognition, 8 inch touch display system screen and high tech infotainment system is also available. Generally the luxury level in this car has been highly considered compared to other car models in the same series.

2015 Ford Everest review

2015 Ford Everest Price

2015 Ford Everest is expected to deliver up to 180 horse power for the turbocharged engines and 150 horse power 0as the minimum expected power of the vehicle. Efficient EcoBoost system is expected to boost the performance of this car model based on the efficient fuel consumption. The actual price of this car model is expected to be at $30,000 for the base models and for the high trim types would be $40,000. This however is the estimate prices for this car and any changes may be made. To avoid failures at the time of use, this car has been equipped with the most efficient battery to enhance its performance.

2015 Ford Everest front

Much is expected and is deemed to surpass the expectations of many. Do not be left behind by the stunning performance of this car. Be the first one to taste. It is refreshed and redefined to suit the third and fourth generation needs. Thanks to the Ford team for taking a step to redefine this car model.

2015 Ford Everest back


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