2015 Ford Bronco VS 2016 Ford Bronco

The 2015 and 2016 Ford Bronco, are most wanted car on the internet for the lest few month. We did not find any officially information’s for them but we heard lot of rumors so we decided to compare them for you. Nobody mach these two together, they simply mach them to the other manufactured, but we wanted to see who is going to win if we mach these two vehicles.


2015 Ford Bronco

The new 2015 Ford Bronco is for us just container on the wheel. With gibberish design and it is look like it is redesign version from the 2010. But we tried to find some official information from the Ford but we could not find any. So if he actually come in the market, we hope him the best.

Video of the 2015 Bronco:

2016 Ford Bronco

The new 2016 Ford Bronco, that we see on the pictures is like that somebody take the F-150 Atlas picture and do some adjustment, and calmed that model is the new Ford Bronco from 2016. We are not hundred percent sure about it, but it looks like it.

Video of the new 2016 Bronco:


2015 Ford Bronco VS 2016 Ford Bronco engine


The engine for the bronco from 2015 is 5.0L gasoline engine and 4.5L diesel engine. That is a lot of power so he would have grate strength, and could go thru different kind of terrain and landscape.
More information about 2015 Bronco: http://volimford.com/2015-ford-bronco-release-date-price/


The 2016 bronco is going 3.5-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 engine that can produce up to 365 horsepower, and second engine is going to be 5.0 liter V8 that delivers a maximum of 360 horse power (at 5500 rpm) and 380 Nm of torque (at 4250 rpm). His even stronger and more powerful than the version from 2015. And little bit higher which mean that he can go at any kind of landscape.

more information about Bronco 2016:


2015 Ford Bronco VS 2016 Ford Bronco interior

Release Date

The different for the release dates for these two vehicles are that the 2015 Ford Bronco is almost certain that is not going to go to the market at all, but 2016 Ford Bronco has slight chance that go to the market, he has time till 2016.

2015 Ford Bronco VS 2016 Ford Bronco Price

The prices are not known, but expected price for 2015 Bronco is around $26,000. For the 2016 Bronco price is expected to be at least $29,000 for the basic model.

More information about 2016 Ford Bronco:

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