2014 Ford Ranger Review and Price

The American giant vehicle manufacturer is always creating solutions to automotive problems with an aim of satisfying their consumers. The Ford Ranger 4 by 4 truck is quickly gaining popularity in countries around the world and the all new 2014 Ford Ranger is bound to do great. The truck has been improved and in addition to having great performance, the Ranger is a competent off-road vehicle with the looks of a decent on-roader.


The ford ranger 2014 comes in three engines the 3.2 liter 5 cylinder diesel engine, the 2.2 liter 4 cylinder diesel engine and the 2.5 liter 4 cylinder petrol engine. The petrol option comes with a 5-speed manual transmission only while the diesel options are fitted with direct injections and are available in automatic and manual transmissions which depend on the model.

Fuel Consumption and Performance on the road

For a truck the size of the 2014 Ford ranger the fuel consumption is quite impressive. The petrol model ranges from 9.8 to about 10.6 liters for 100 kilometers. The smaller diesel model will deliver between 7.6 and 9.4 liters for 100 kilometers. The bigger diesel engine will deliver about 8.4 to 9.6 liters for 100 kilometers all depending on whether it is in the city or on the highway.

Interior design

2014 Ford Ranger auto show

The interior is quite roomy and very comfortable considering it is a truck. The rear bench which is a major issue when it comes to double cabs is quite comfortable for the Ranger and offers ample leg room. The driver and passenger seats are bucket shaped for comfort over long drives and are offered in manual adjustment. The dashboard has a durable plastic finish and is crafted in a modern classy design. There are impressive features such as the rain sensing wipers, dual-zone climate control, four-speaker audio system, voice control, Bluetooth connectivity, and USB integration. There is a 4.2” multi-function screen display with sat-nav features being limited to the Wildtrak.


Ford Ranger Has Won 4x4 Magazine Pick-Up of the Year 2013

With averagely good fuel efficiency, the 2014 Ford Ranger is a great double-cab truck. The vehicle performs well off road and has down hill descent controls which helps in maintaining momentum and eliminates the need to touch the brakes regardless of the steepness of the descent.

2014 Ford Ranger Price

2014 Ford Ranger side

For people who love ford trucks, the 2014 Ford Ranger will need to prepare their wallets well. The 4 by 4 Ford Ranger starts at $38,390. There are 26 other versions that you can choose with the impressive Wildtrak with the 3.2 liter 5-cylinder engine going for $57, 390. As for the release, the Ranger is already in the market.

2014 Ford Ranger back

More information:

Ford http://www.ford.com.ph/trucks-and-vans/ranger/models/wildtrak

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