2014 Ford Ranger Diesel Price and Specs

The 2014 Ford Ranger Diesel is one of the best dual-cab trucks available in today’s market. It succeeds at being both an everyday family vehicle and a forthright workhorse. The new 2014 model of the Ford Ranger will be designed and developed by Ford Australia and distributed to global markets.


Key to this models popularity is the Rangers tough, truck like styling, compared to its less aggressive looking rivals. This new model of the Ranger gets a restyling from the front, which makes it more aerodynamic, improving fuel economy and efficiency. It also gets a higher waistline to offer the driver more protection. There’s also a tailgate that is rated to carry 200kg.


2014 Ford Ranger Diesel interior

From the inside, the Ranger is generally very ample and comfortable, even the back seat offers a noble amount of legroom. In the front, the driver and passenger seats should offer maximum support and comfort during a long day drive. All seats are furnished with some tasteful and rather modern fabrics. The durable, plastic dashboard gives off a stylish perception. Some of the many included specs are the dual-zone climate control, rain sensing wipers, 4.2in color multi function display, rear parking sensors, a powerful four speaker audio system with Bluetooth and voice control, as well as USB integration.

Diesel Engine

2014 Ford Ranger Diesel engine

Under the 2014 Ford Ranger Diesel hood is a 3.2 liter , five cylinder turbo diesel that produces a 147kW and a sizeable 470Nm of torque. It is mated to a six speed automatic transmission, with a six speed manual also being an option. The engine drives through the rear wheels unless you switch to four-wheel drive, which you can do at up to 70mph. The 3.2L turbo-diesel is backed up with a more frugal 2.2 liter turbo-diesel and a 2.5 liter Duratec petrol engine.


2014 Ford Ranger Diesel backreview

The 2014 Ford Ranger Diesel is a vehicle with extraordinary ride and handling abilities, due to which any road imperfections get mostly ironed out with as little of the bouncing tendencies as possible. The steering is wonderfully car-like with its directness and accuracy, making it surprisingly agile in the bends. The Ranger is relatively easy to maneuver around the city, due to its tight tuning circle.

2014 Ford Ranger Diesel back

2014 Ford Ranger Diesel Price

Prices vary among many models and trims of the 2014 Ford Ranger, the lowest price being $19.740 for the 2 door XL PX and the highest $53,390 for the top of the line XLT PX, all depending on your package choices.

2014 Ford Ranger Diesel side

More information:

Ford http://www.ford.com/trucks/ranger/

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