2014 Ford Ka Review and Price

The 2014 Ford Ka is in the list of small cars that are currently found i the market with their new 7 brands of the Car i.e the Ford Ka Zetec, Titanium, Metal, Edge, Studio connect, Studio and The Grand Prix III. Most people might have negative towards these kinds of small cars but Ford has taken this as a challenge to make this car in such a style that it will not just take you to where you wanted to go but it will also keep you well entertained and extremely comfortable throughout your traveling. Some of its are well explained below;


There are three main interior styling themes that can be specified by the buyer, these are; Metal, Digital and Grand Prix but there are some common features. The Ka might be small but somehow Ford managed to keep the spacing inside this car quite big and comfortable, the head room is good enough allowing tall people to fit in well, leg room is also well spaced both at the front and at the back and its boot is also reasonably spaced to enable it carry quite a large number of luggage. The 2014 Ford Ka is also fixed with a number of connectivity gadgets that function properly to keep you comfortable and entertained, these include; air conditioning gadgets, a CD player, trip computer, front window are also electric and all bars are also fixed with USB ports to further boost your entertainment options.

2014 ford ka interior


Ford have tried to make the exterior of the car look more bold and energetic by giving it a modern sharp look. The front headlights are long as squinting while the tailgate resemble the one of the original Ka. The door mirrors are easily accessible and cut into a three quarter kind of visibility. Unlike the Ka’s Fiat original designs which used flap in the cap this one has its fuel filler cap installed with a key opener hence it uses a key to open. Ford Ka Edge and Studio models are the only ones not fitted with alloys wheels. At the back the Ka has been fitted with an anti roll bar which is almost 30% stiffer and changed many other things to make it have a unique dynamic personality.

2014 ford ka side

Engine, Performance and Fuel Consumption

The 2014 Ford Ka has only one 1.2litre petrol Duratec engine with a manual gear box. On one cycle it manages 57.7mpg but it however falls outside the 100g/km tax free barrier because it does a 115g/km. With its one engine it also means that the car is economical to run when it comes to fuel consumption.

2014 Ford Ka Pricing

The prices of the 2014 Ford Ka range from £9,000 to a maximum of £12,000 and therefore they are not so much expensive.


If you want a small car that is not so expensive to buy and run but also gives you the comfort you want then the 2014 Ford Ka is what you need. Buy it and enjoy the experience.

2014 ford ka review

More information about 2014 Ford Ka:

Ford http://www.ford.co.uk/Cars/Ka/Design

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