2014 Ford Galaxy

2014 Ford Galaxy is a seven-seater sedan that went on sale during the year 2013. Ever since the car was released, many people have been commenting on its better performance, larger room to accommodate more passengers and large boot side. Besides that it came as a privilege to many people considering that it is only going for a cheap price of less than $30,000.

2014 Ford Galaxy Engine

2014 Ford Galaxy engine

In the side of the engine, 2014 Ford Galaxy is available in three engine options. Of these is the 2.0 liter 138bhp TDCI diesel engine that is equipped with a titanium trim and returns 47.1mpg and 152g/km of CO2. The second option is the 1.6 liter 113bhp diesel engine that emits 139g/km and 50mpg of CO2. The last option is the 2.0liter 200bhp EcoBoost petrol engine that comes with an automatic Ford Powershift gear box to smoothen its operations.

2014 Ford Galaxy Features

2014 Ford Galaxy interior

When talking of its specs and equipment, the car features more advanced components such as Bluetooth connectivity, parking sensors, automatic wipers and lights, all-round electric windows, dual-zone climate control systems, rear air-con, cruise control systems, USB port for connecting DAB radio and iPods, traction and stability control systems, Wi-Fi Hotspot and docking station for tablet computers. In its interior, the car is equipped with panoramic glass roof, leather seats, more headroom and soft-touch finishes. The exterior is not left behind as it also features more environmental friendly finishes and damage-resistance materials.

2014 Ford Galaxy Performance

2014 Ford Galaxy side

When looking at the car performance, it has been designed to meet all user-needs. With the loads of airbag fitted in each side of car, it guarantees high level of security. Additionally to the airbags comes the traction and stability control systems that work to better the car performance and reduce the occurrence of all avoidable accidents. It is also user-based and environmental friendly looking at the fact that it comes in a variety of engine options that release minimal amount of carbon dioxide and other harmful toxins. The engines are also installed with high-tech mechanisms that help make them economical.

2014 Ford Galaxy back

Another great feature that comes with this car is its ability to accommodate seven people alongside leaving more space for legroom. As for storage, Ford provides lots of space under its seats and within the side door cabins which can used to store personal items. The futuristic lights combined with the all-round visibility makes this car quite comfortable and luxurious. The high damage-resistance materials coated on this car as well works miracles to withstand all harsh climatic conditions to help enhance the performance and durable of the cars.

More information:
Ford http://www.ford.co.uk/Cars/Galaxy

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