2014 Ford F-350 High Roller Review

The 2014 Ford F-350 High Roller is a redesign of the same model by Cars by Kris. It comes with a bronze accent painted on the front grille, the 22-inch wheels and on the stripes on the vehicles body. Its interior is made from customized furniture and the seats are customized with hexagonal stitches, the floor mats are personalized and interior accents are painted to give the cabin a rather rich look. The cabin’s noise has been regulated to give it pin drop silence by fitting it with the QuietRIDE’s device that lowers the amount of sound within the cabin.

Engine and Performance

Its engine uses the straight shot water/methanol injection system and the power Ram-air intake designed by Banks Power Performance. This ensures that the engine produces less heat due to the presence of water, and produces up to 400 horsepower due to the ignition of the methane and the air that flows in. The engine is powered by a 6.7 liter power stroke motor that runs on diesel, its exhaust system is designed by MagnaFlow exhaust systems.

2014 Ford F-350 High Roller review

Combining all these great innovations boosts the vehicle’s power and gives it extra energy and the fuel consumption is highly regulated and at the same time releasing very small amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Interior Design

2014 Ford F-350 High Roller front

To further the intelligence of this 2014 Ford F-350 High Roller, it is laced with an IQ man and machine interface that marries well with the interior designs and ensures perfect and easy operation of the vehicle by the driver. The high roller uses the Carli Suspension arrangement that is mounted on the 22 inch, eight lug wheels that are fitted with the open country tires made by Toyo to give it the ultimate jungle feel, especially in off road tracks. This design makes the vehicle compatible with all the human activities ranging from luxury to off road performance.

2014 Ford F-350 High Roller back

2014 Ford F-350 High Roller Price

The 2014 ford f-350 high roller was released at the 2013 SEMA show and it price ranges from $31,940 to $56,810.
2014 Ford F-350 High Roller fuel tank has a capacity of 125 gallons of gasoline and the v-8 engine is estimated to run the vehicle for up to 1800 miles. This makes the vehicle very efficient both economically and by performance and more so, a superior vehicle as compared to other pickup trucks and SUVs. It can be used for classy events due to its elegant design but its suspension system makes it more of an off roader whose performance is best on dirt roads.

2014 Ford F-350 High Roller engine

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