2014 Ford F-350 EcoTrek Design Review

New 2014 Ford F-350 EcoTrek is here. Ford has continuously managed to meet truck demands from consumers and the heavy duty Ford F-350 is not a disappointment at all. When you have a large pickup, especially the size of the F-350, eco-friendly is probably the last phrase you would think about. However, Ford has managed to incorporate this phrase in the new 2014 Ford F-350 EcoTrec Design. The manufacturer turned this monstrous truck in a fuel economic vehicle that reduces the emissions and the fuel consumption while achieving the required mileage without compromising the performance.

Fuel Consumption

2014 Ford F-350 EcoTrek side

If you are looking for a truck that looks aggressive, fits in the category of fuel guzzlers but doesn’t have the fuel thirst of most trucks, then the F-350 is what you are looking for. EcoTrek estimations stand at 1,800 miles per tank. The truck has a 50-gallon tank under trucks bed and another 75 gallon tank in the bed. There has been a lot of work put in to the pickup such that it now has the capability of using a range of fuel types such as bio diesel, diesel, algae biodiesel and a combination of all these fuels.

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The F series from Ford comprises of heavy duty trucks and the 350 is one of these trucks. The truck comes with large 6.7 liter V 8 diesel engine that gives out an amazing 400 horsepower and 800 pond-feet torque. The engine is connected to a TorqShift 6-speed automatic transmission which enables the truck to move from dead zero to 60 mph in just under 8.5 seconds with a top speed of about 120 miles per hour.

2014 Ford F-350 EcoTrek interior

Design: Interior and exterior

The 2014 F-350 has not received much in improvements as far as the design is concerned. The grille is still huge to match the size of the track and still features the conventional Ford look. The double lights dissolve the aggressive nature and the �Ford’ logo at the center of the grille reminds you that the truck is from the manufacturing giant. There is a bulletproof suspension made of custom shocks and springs and this is crowned by the 20 inch wheels. Inside there are lockable cabinets, and sliding shelves. This makes it one of the best trucks for different adventures and it performs off road as well as it does on the highway.

2014 Ford F-350 EcoTrek 1

Performance of the 2014 Ford F-350 EcoTrek

For a large truck, this masterpiece from Ford drives well and is aimed at people who love the great out doors such as through forests and hilly terrain.

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