2014 Ford E – Series Wagon Review and Specs

2014 Ford E – Series Wagon has hit the market with improved vastly of fuel economy, perfect body shape choices and more additional refinement.


2014 Ford E - Series Wagon review

2014 Ford E – Series Wagon review and specs shows a popular drive due to its capability during the test time and has proven to be the best with considerable body and steering making it be the best rolls for a crude driving experience. It interior has been designed with numerous cup holders, storage nooks and logical arranged controls in the dashboard which makes it look excellent.

E-Series Wagon comes in two models (E-350, E-150) with levels trim of (XLT and XL), two different body-lengths and three different engine options which a buyer can opt for. These two models vary in specifications.

2014 Ford E - Series Wagon

2014 Ford E – Series Wagon – E-150 Wagon

E-150 comes with a perfect body length of 216.7 inch with 237 cubic feet of the interior space allowing a comfortable sitting allowance of eight.

It’s fitted with an ancient V8 engine of 4.6 liter that produces 286 ld-ft torque and 225 horsepower able to return 16 mpg on highway and 13 mpg in the city. Also for a buyer who needs a less acceleration glacial can opt for a similar antediluvian V8 5.4 liter that makes 350 lb-ft torque, 225 horsepower carrying mpg of a rating of 12/16. Both engines are able to send output to the rear-wheels via a four speed automatic transmission.
When it’s time to tow, a fully equipped E 150 of 4.6 liters model is able to tug 6100 pounds and 7000 pounds when on 5.4 liters. It has a capacity of 2820 pounds of payload in all choices.
It comes in trim levels of XLT, XL. XLT ups its level with power locks and window. It also includes a CD player, real carpeting cloth front, deadening material for extra sound, extra insulation, rear-A/C system and chrome exterior. XL is equipped with AM/FM stereo, front A/C, front bucket-seats, vinyl upholstery manual locks, manual windows, exterior trim and a wheel of 16 inches with hubcaps all this in a perfect condition.

2014 Ford E - Series Wagon interior 2

2014 Ford E – Series Wagon – E-350

E-350 has the same specifications of 216.7 inch in body size as the E-150 or 236.7 inch extended body with a cabin space of 275 cubic feet. E-350 has a shorter body styles which features an additional bench row seat making the seats of 12 passengers while the long body has four rows.
It has a V8 engine 5.4 liters and an upgraded engine ups to 6.8 liters V10 that makes 420 lb-ft and 305 horsepower. It works with automatic five speeds able to return mpg of 10/13.
When in perfect condition all the models powered by a V10 engine can tow to 10000 pounds and 6700 pounds for a V8. It has a capacity of 2810 pounds payload.

2014 Ford E - Series Wagon interior

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