2014 Ford B-Max Review and Price

Ideally necessity is the mother of invention. Due to the changing needs in the market, Ford Team has been forced to innovatively come out with the 2014 Ford B-Max. Driving has been made more of a fun with the new Ford B-Max. It is a fully electrified model that is equipped with lot of electrified accessories. Moreover it possesses enhanced security system compared to any other car model in this series.

Safety and Exterior

2014 Ford B-Max side copy

The results done by the NCAP shows that this car model scored 92% in the adult protection and 71% for the safety assist. Under heavy braking, there are flashing brake lights to indicate this condition. The old dimensions have been retained for the exterior design of this car. The interior has been fitted with all the third generation luxuries making it a highly luxurious piece of a car. It is more flexible and comfortable to drive in. the seating capacity of this car is seven passengers thus suitable for a whole family outing.

2014 Ford B-Max preview

Engine and Performance

Much attention is always given to the engine as this is the crucial part of any other car. The engine has been given the greatest balance on the performance and efficiency. It features a 1 liter Eco Boost with the ability of returning up to 55.4 mpg. Its Carbon (IV) oxide emission is going to stand at 119.5 grams for every kilometer. To boost the fuel economy, this car model has been fitted with regenerative braking and gear system indicator.

2014 Ford B-Max Price

2014 Ford B-Max review

It can easily drive even in extremely rougher grounds. The average price expected of this car will be from £12,995 for the base trim models up to £ 18395 for the higher trim models.

2014 Ford B-Max Release Date

2014 Ford B-Max back

The expected release date for 2014 Ford B-Max is in the course of this year of 2014. The buyers have the freedom to choose from the 73 bhp with 1.5 liter diesel and 93 bhp with 1.6 liter model. The quickest model which is the 1 liter and 123 bhp is able to hit up to 117 mph making it suitable for racing purposes.


Its battery is no exceptional. It is redesigned to meet the driving needs of any user. the 2014 Ford B-Max battery has been enhanced to avoid any failure in the course of driving. It can be customized to fit anyone whether tall adults or young children. Various models are available depending on the needs of any client. It is one of the best cars to own around due to its enhanced performance and efficiency. Thanks to the Ford team for releasing this new car with all the stunning performance.

2014 Ford B-Max interior

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